Excellent course! One of the most beneficial courses I have ever done.

Significant in terms of my personal growth.” Tim Cheyne, “Kynoch” Presenter is determined, influential, capable and of high calibre.

BP Mahlangu


For the valuable insights I say thank you – this was an opportunity relished.

Dave Conti


This was probably the best course I have ever attended! The standard was as per MBA standards and a lot more interesting.

S Mc Garvie

Total SA

Excellent balance in content and practical. Also felt that I learned skills instead of collecting knowledge.

S Fourie


This course was very enlightening and interesting, to the extent that I can confidently say that I did not experience a second of boredom.

Steli Momos


It was exciting to learn and experience that an old dog can still learn new tricks. The fact that I was exposed to new thoughts, processes and strategies has opened up new horizons in my working environment.

D sterley


I wish to thank you for a very meaningful course. It was not merely about negotiation skills, but also very much about life skills.

J Pheiffer


Excellent course – it did not only teach me negotiation skills, but an entirely new way in which I will approach any inter-personal interaction. Thank you!

Lachlan Harris


For the valuable insights I thank you. This was an opportunity relished.

Dennis Ritter

Intern Industrial Psychologist

This course really hit the work situation head-on. The whole course was very interesting. I could not stop seeing myself in the field and comparing what I do with what I should do.

Member of the SA Police Service

This was probably the most practical training I have ever received.

Cobus Bekker

Cobus Bekker, and Associates Incorporated