Our Approach

Training Approach:

  1. We design tailor-made courses for companies so as to enhance the negotiation skills of staff is procurement, selling, labor negotiation , management negotiation or any complex negotiation scenario.
  2. We present regular two-day programs for individual enrollment

It is our desire to present interventions that will not only facilitate lasting attitude change, but will contribute significantly to improve the skills of the participants and effectiveness of organizations, while we anticipate it to be empowering all participants with memorable and lasting abilities.


Example of Training Contents


Presented over two or three days

  • Principles of effective bargaining
  • How to change perceptions
  • Effective verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Changing mindsets and process in crossing extremes
  • Moving individuals and groups towards common interest during negotiation
  • Understanding personality: use and effect
  • Personality questionnaire and discussion
  • Positive persuasion techniques
  • Windows of Power
  • Changing opinions, attitudes and behavior
  • Dealing with conflict in negotiation
  • The mutual gains approach
  • Innovative preparation for negotiation

Excellent course – it did not only teach me negotiation skills, but an entirely new way in which I will approach any inter-personal interaction. Thank you!

Lachlan Harris



Please Note

All Skills are illustrated through Role plays, Case Studies, Video Feedback and Participative Learning Methods

A certificate will be awarded to each delegate who completes the program.