Liars and their Destruction

Issue 66

Liars and their Destruction

Negotiation Dirty Tricks

Issue 64

This is how they empty your pockets!


Issue 61

What makes you weaker and what makes you stronger?


Issue 57

Is the boss cursed by an inflated ego?

Worst Deals

Issue 54


Bad News

Issue 53

Your Thinking Habits Can Destroy You!

The Power of an Apology

Issue 50

The Power of an Apology

Coin Flipping

Issue 45

Decision Making: Are you better than Coin flipping?

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Texas Shoot Out

Issue 43

The ‘Texas Shoot Out’ and other ways to get out of deals!

In Search of Meaning

Issue 63

Are you motivated about 2014 or filled with dread?


Issue 60

Paralanguage: The Hidden Meaning of Words


Issue 56

Are You Coping With Stress?

Lessons From India

Issue 52

From India to a Debate about Toilets

Government Negotiation

Issue 49

Negotiation with the Government (even if you work for them)

Uncertainty & Irrationality

Issue 42

Making Decisions in Times of Uncertainty


Issue 65

PERSONALITY TRAITS that could make you or break you!

Stockholm Syndrome

Issue 62

The Stockholm Syndrome: Falling in love with an Abuser

Managing Mobs

Issue 58

When Individuals become Mobs

The Snakes Amongst Us

Issue 55

Snakes With Human Faces

Psychology of Price

Issue 51

Can anybody negotiate effectively without understanding some basics about pricing?


Issue 47

Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

Bad at Predicting

Issue 41

Mediocre and Extreme Issues

Customer Service

Issue 39

Test yourself before you point fingers!

The Art of Selling

Issue 38

Selling represents a profound and straightforward example of pure negotiation

Running Useless Meetings

Issue 36

How to be a really bad Chairman

No Listening

Issue 34

You don’t listen and nobody listens to you!

Price & Value

Issue 33

Value is in the eye of the negotiator!

Deceiving Others

Issue 32

Can you see if someone is telling a lie or telling the truth?

Emotional Intelligence

Issue 31

Emotional Intelligence is a master aptitude…

Conflict, Agression

Issue 30

Conflict, Aggression and Violence at Home and Work

The Power of No

Issue 29

The Power of “NO”


Issue 27

Moving to “YES”

Mutual Gains

Issue 26

The Mutual Gains Approach to Negotiating Difficult Cases

Company Politics

Issue 25

Why employees play politics?


Issue 24

STRESS: WHY and HOW to deal with it