The Genesis of Management

A New Book and Practical Guide for Negotiators And Mediators Worldwide

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The International Negotiation Academy

We believe we supply negotiation skills and training which is unique and the best in the international market. All of the training is done personally by Prof Manie Spoelstra.

We empower people with skills that are not taught in normal colleges, business schools or universities

The International Negotiation Academy present programs and services to empower those who join our programs with skills that are not available anywhere else. Unique skills that could make a significant difference in reaching your goals and your success!


Our Approach

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Excellent course! One of the most beneficial courses I have ever done.
Significant in terms of my personal growth.” Tim Cheyne, “Kynoch” Presenter is determined, influential, capable and of high calibre.

BP Mahlangu, ESKOM

Our Clients